3 Signs That You Need a New Roof


A sturdy, high-quality roof can make or break your home. Besides protecting it, your home’s roof also helps define its aesthetics and gives it a unique character. While roof problems can be expensive to fix, ignoring them can cost you even more money down the road. Keep reading to learn three major symptoms that you may need a new roof.

Water Leaks

Nothing says “You need a new roof” quite like water dripping onto your head. Water leaks can show up with other visible signs such as water spots, streaks or stains. You may see these on your ceiling and walls, but you may run into puddles of water in your attic. It’s clearly time to call an expert on Roofing Batavia NY.

Sagging Roof Line

Your roof’s structural integrity is key in protecting your home’s interiors. A sagging roofline is definitely bad news. Causes can include a waterlogged roof deck or issues with the frame. A qualified roofing professional can perform an inspection, tell you what’s wrong and detail what’s needed to rectify the problem. Total replacement may be needed in these cases.

Curled or Missing Shingles

Shingles are another indicator of your roof’s overall health. Ideally, they should lie flat against the roof and not be curled, cracked or buckled. Missing shingles can also point to roof problems, especially if you notice them immediately after a major storm. Moss can even take hold on top of your shingles, eventually causing them to break down. Again, a professional contractor can diagnose these issues.

Roof issues can manifest in many other ways. You may notice light beams shining through the roof while you’re in the attic. Perhaps your roof is over 20 years old. Yet water leaks, shingle damage or a sagging roof are the most common problems. You must take action right away and contact a trusted roofing professional.

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