3 Signs You May Have a Septic Tank Problem


If your home is not connected to a municipal wastewater system, then you probably have a septic system somewhere in your yard. This acts as a containment and filtration system for all of the liquid waste that leaves a home. Normally, you don’t have to worry about the septic tank at all; however, problems can get messy quickly. Here are three signs you may have a septic system problem that should never be ignored.

1. The Drains Are Slow or Backed Up

Drains that are repeatedly backing up or running slow are telling you there is a problem. Under perfect conditions, the water will flow smoothly down the drain, through the waste pipes and into your septic tank. However, if there is a clog or the tank is full, the rate will slow. When more than one drain is involved, it’s probably time to schedule a septic tank cleaning Orlando to get them moving again.

2. Your Grass Is Unusually Lush and Green

Thick, dark green patches of grass can be a sign of a septic tank or sewer line leak. That is because wastewater is often high in nitrogen content, which acts as a potent direct-to-the-roots fertilizer for your lawn growing over it. So, even if you really want a thick green lawn, you should not achieve that look at the expense of a sewage leak.

3. You Notice Sewage Odor in the House

Drains should not produce an odor at all, so if you are noticing a smell, it is time to call in a plumber to find and fix the problem. Hopefully, it is just a simple clog in a pipe — you might even find where your toddler hid the remote last week — but it could be a sign of a larger problem.

Septic tanks generally operate efficiently without the need for much concern. However, if you notice a sewage odor, slow drains or thick patches of dark green grass, you may have a situation that warrants a closer check.

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