4 Landscaping Ideas for Your Custom Home


The property where your custom home is built is part of your home. Working with a competent custom home builder such as Bluffton SC Home Builders can give you professional advice on great additions you can include to your outdoor space. Below are landscaping ideas that can beautify your custom home.

Plant the Grass

Research the different types of lawn grass that can grow well in your area. The grass variety you choose will significantly impact your landscaping results. You can plant the grass after you have completed the custom home construction.


Adding a garden to your space is a classic idea. Hanging vines, ripening fruits, and vibrant vegetation can add color and bring life to your home. There are many plants easy to maintain that you can grow in your yard to create a sense of sustainability in your home.


Porches are a great addition to your outdoor space. You can enjoy a lazy afternoon on the porch or use it to entertain your guests. You could add comfortable chairs and tables to make it an excellent place for social events.

Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to your space. Making your favorite meal with all the extra space can be exciting. You can make different foods to entertain your guests and impress them with your cooking skills.

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