4 Reasons Why Fall is The Best Time for Roof Replacement


Roof replacement is a project that requires detailed planning. This is not only on financial matters but also at the ideal time to do it. The fall season is among the best times to conduct roof replacement. When planning, you also have to get the best contractor, preferably one who handles other home improvement projects, such as a siding company Gettysburg-based. In this piece, you will learn why fall is the best time to conduct roof replacement.

Appropriate Weather Conditions

Roof replacement is an outdoor activity, which means you need to do it under the best weather conditions. During fall, the sun is not too hot for such a project. In most cases, the temperatures range between 40 and 50 degrees. This means the professional roofer you hire will work better because it is not too hot. Additionally, thermal sealing occurs effectively under such conditions.


Replacing your roof during the fall season means you are preparing your home for the upcoming cold months. That is why it is vital to concentrate on proper insulation. With such a feature, you will cut the energy costs of running your heating system to keep your home warm.

Adequate Curing Time

The temperatures during fall and the moderate moisture levels allow the new roof ample time to cure. This can be harder to achieve during winter when the top is laden with snow.

Easy Shingle Installation

Roof shingles are delicate items that can easily be damaged in extreme weather conditions. When it is too cold, these roofing materials get brittle, increasing their chances of breaking. When the weather is too hot, like during summer, asphalt roof shingles become sticky and give the roofer a hard time. That is why fall allows easier shingle installation, thanks to the moderate weather conditions.

Roof replacement has several advantages, including boosting the property‚Äôs value and promoting its curb appeal. However, you need to understand why fall is the best time to install a new roof in your home by reading the above-explained reasons.

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