Avoid these bathroom remodel mistakes!


When you plan to remodel your old bathroom, you should plan well rather than hurrying into the process. Well-planned Bathroom Renovations Melbourne would help you own your dream bathroom in cost-effective methods. Usually, mistakes such as wet room spaces that are too small to contain the water, incorrect spacing between the furniture to allow movement, or even the poor positioning of the towel rail might mess up the bathroom renovations. The best way to rectify all such issues is by avoiding such possible mistakes before you end up making one! Hence, have a look at the common mistakes made during bathroom remodelling.

Poor Ventilation: A bathroom is a space where steam gets trapped in the entire house, hence, proper ventilation would be essential for the steam to escape. The ventilation should be towards an outside wall as it would be the easiest place to install. Good ventilation can be inevitable when it comes to a bathroom with wallpapered walls. Without it, the paper would peel and worsen but still the walls and ceiling could suffer from mold. There are many ventilation systems available on the market right now. The quiet ones and the heavy-duty ones, both detect moisture. Hence, make sure that you consider all the options that could be right for your bathroom.

Too Much or Not Enough Lighting: Bathroom lighting should be adaptable constantly and it can serve many uses from a room where you can wash or get ready in the morning to a calming space or relax by the end of the day. If it’s too dark, you won’t be able to see properly and if it’s too bright, you won’t be able to relax well. Hence, install lighting where you can adjust the brightness that would suit you.

Cramming Too Many Items in a Small Space: While you might have your heart set on getting a specific washbasin or some other product installed, the space available might be less. Hence, you have to make sure that there is plenty of space for each fitting to use comfortably. There is no point in spending too much money if you are unable to fit it in the bathroom. If smaller bathroom space is an issue, then you can look for reduced depth products with shallower dimensions.

Poor Drainage: If you plan to have a wet room, you should focus on the right tiling. There are various horror stories about issues with bathroom makeovers that are usually the results of poor workmanship or incorrect installation. Draining issues can be one of the major problems faced by most people who opt for bathroom renovations. You have to choose a design of the bathroom that can offer proper drainage. Even the fittings should be good enough when it is installed. Hence, do your homework and ask for recommendations from experts before you consider bathroom renovations in Melbourne. When bathroom renovations are handled by professionals, your bathroom can be the one you have always dreamed of!

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