Commercial Refurbishment and What it Means to Your Business


There has been much dispute and discussion about commercial refurbishment. Many are not sure what it is and others wonder if it is a good idea. As you will see in the following article, a new and updated plan can do wonders for a business.

This would be a time to take your operations and company to the next level. Even though everything may be working fine as they are, it is important to take this advantage and prepare for an uncertain future. Considering the vast societal changes that are shaking the globe, what better time is there to have this work done? When your staff comes back to the office, they will find a fresh plan for operations and positive energy.

But, what does commercial refurbishment actually mean? And, what are the benefits that commercial refurbishment can have on your business?


What Is Commercial Refurbishment?

When we speak of “commercial refurbishment” we talk about the process of restoring old commercial locations that succumbed to the passage of time. Older worn and dated facilities are updated and renovated to become more appealing to tenants, clients, or prospective buyers.


Why Should You Start a Refurbishment Project?

There are several good reasons that you would want to begin such a process in your commercial locations. Here are the most important factors that would make commercial refurbishment a good idea.

Avoid Penalties — the health and safety of the workplace are not being regulated by government agencies. If your location doesn’t comply with the regulations, you may face penalization. In this case, it will be essential that your builder, is fully aware of all the legal regulations and how they are properly met. If you would like to learn more about these rules, you can find the Building Regulation Handbook available online.

Expansion — make some extra room so that all your employees have more than enough operational space to get their daily work done. This ensures that everyone is comfortable and improves the productivity of your employees.

Improve your Brand — an up-to-date location fitted with the latest technological contraptions and gizmos sends a strong message about your brand. A seamless application of your branding throughout all your operations and locations is a symbol of professionalism that clients and colleagues will appreciate.

Improve Energy Efficiency — you will find that an updated process can greatly reduce your regular energy costs. By applying the latest energy-saving technology, your regular energy consumption can be greatly reduced and your bills along with it.


Types of Refurbishment

There are different types of commercial refurbishment that you can try:

Minor — repairing damaged walls, leaky roofs and plumbing, and redecorating the interior and exterior of your home are things that fall under the category of “minor renovations”.

Medium — medium renovations include things like redecorating the interior, adding new rooms, and updating the fixtures and appliances.

Full — Extensive labour best describes the task of full refurbishment. This can involve demolishing old walls and structures to make way for new walls and floors. The underground wiring and plumbing may also be addressed to make way for new lighting, air conditioning, and new heating.


Benefits of Commercial Refurbishment

1. Boosts Productivity

If your workplace has become dated and dull, you may find it hard to boost morale and motivation for your team. Investing in a full commercial refurbishment can keep your team more enthusiastic about showing up to work.

2. Draws In Potential Clients

Your commercial location is the face of your company. If you are looking to inspire a lasting and productive relationship with your clients, a commercial refurbishment may be the best way to go.

3. Boosts Employee Performance

It has been noted that when employees are inspired and happy about their workplace, they are motivated to provide better service. This ultimately equates in better customer relations and greater company success — effectively boosting the profitability of your organization.

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