Five Good Reasons to Hire a Pro Window Installer


Whether installing a new window or replacing an existing one, there are several reasons to hire a professional. First, window installation requires a high degree of skill regarding materials, technique, and delivery. Unfortunately, most homeowners follow the latest trends in the window industry, so DIY window installation can often produce shoddy results.


Professional installers understand how to install windows correctly. They know building codes and safety procedures. A professional can suggest the ideal design and type of window replacement Danville for your home if you’re unsure how to install your new windows. Avoid costly mistakes such as poor or faulty installation.

Professional window installation technicians also have the proper tools and safety equipment to complete the job. These implements consist of safety goggles, caulking guns, waterproof shims, and power drills. Additionally, professionals employ superior adhesives and sealants. Finally, they have cable netting and dry glazing equipment for flawless miter joins in their toolboxes. You’ll need the appropriate tools and safety gear when installing one or more windows.

Quality Tools

If you’re installing windows in residential properties, purchasing quality tools that will make the job go as smoothly as possible is essential. Here are some basic tools that every professional window installer should have: a power drill, a putty knife, and a caulking gun. A good pair of safety glasses are also a must. During the installation process, professional window installers will use a pry bar and hammer to remove old panes and then secure the new panes into the window frame using the drill or hammer. These tools are also essential for installing insert replacements called pocket windows.

Cleaning Up After Installation

Cleaning up the mess is essential when you’ve had a professional window installation done on your home. After the window installation, you should use a microfiber cloth to clean the windows and frames. You should avoid using abrasive cleaning agents, such as power washing or solvents, as these can discolor the frame’s finish. If you do find stains or deposits, mineral spirits can remove them. A clean cloth to wipe any excess water or stains off the frame is also helpful.

You’ll need to clear away any furnishings and window treatments to make room for the window installation crews. Furniture and landscaping should be moved four to six feet from the window opening. Leaving at least two feet of clearance is vital, especially for bow and bay windows.


Several factors determine the cost of professional window installation. In addition to experience, a professional knows how to measure windows correctly and will often get wholesale prices on materials. A professional will also learn how to identify problems with existing windows. This knowledge can help them suggest cost-effective solutions. Finally, you’ll want to ensure the installation goes smoothly, whether replacing a single window or a whole wall.

The average cost for window installation is $100 to $250. However, the price may vary depending on the window style and location. For example, window installation labor can be more expensive in areas with a higher cost of living. Another factor that may affect the price of window installation is whether or not the window installation requires special skills.


Professional window installation is the best way to guarantee that your windows will perform adequately for many years. Proper installation involves weatherproofing and sealing the frames to avoid any air or water leakage. Inadequately installed windows will not perform as promised and can void any warranty that you may have on them.

Before hiring a professional window installation company, check out its online reputation. A company with a high customer rating usually does good work. You can search for reviews of different window installation companies on sites like yelp or Google. If a company has many negative reviews, it probably isn’t reliable. However, a high number of positive reviews means that the company has experienced and satisfied customers.

Another benefit of hiring a professional is that they carry insurance. A professional installer will have adequate insurance coverage to cover any accidents or problems. If you decide to attempt to install the windows yourself, you may make a mistake and end up having to pay for the replacement of the windows. In addition, you may need extra time to learn how to install windows properly. A professional window installation company can complete the project quickly and accurately.

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