How To Choose a Good Neighborhood When You’re Buying a House


When you are buying your first home, you may not have experience in assessing neighborhoods where you might want to live. Here are some things you may want to consider when searching for your ideal neighborhood.

Good Schools

Before you look at Suffolk real estate, consider the quality of the school system, especially if you have school-age children or are planning on having children. Look up the school system online to get information about it. You may want to talk to other parents in the area, too.


You will want to live in a safe neighborhood, so look up the crime statistics for the area. You can also look around at how well the neighborhood is kept up and whether there is good lighting to keep you safer at night.

Nearby Shopping

It will be more convenient to live in an area with a grocery store, pharmacy and other stores nearby. You don’t want to drive too far for these basic amenities.

Walking Trails, Parks and Sidewalks

Make sure the neighborhood makes it easy to walk around and get exercise. Parks in the area are great, especially if they have a dog park for your furry friends. Green areas will make you feel happier living there, too.

Your Commute

Try not to choose an area that is too far from your work. A long commute might not seem bad at first, but after driving it day after day for months and years, it will make you unhappy. A long commute also takes a lot of time out of your day that you could be spending with your family.

Restaurants and Entertainment

Don’t forget to think about entertainment. You may enjoy going out to eat, to the movies or to see plays and concerts. How far would you have to drive to get to these places? If you have kids, look for kid-friendly entertainment too, such as little league sports, ballet studios and the like.

If you think about all of these items before deciding on a neighborhood, you will be a lot happier in your new home.

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