What Are the Signs You Need Expert Home Foundation Repair in Tennessee?


Have you been putting off needed home foundation repair in Tennessee? Unfortunately, some property owners ignore needed fixes simply because they don’t realize their home’s foundation is damaged! In turn, they might end up paying thousands of dollars more for eventual repairs. That house might also suffer costly secondary damage as well.

Knowing a few signs that it’s time for home foundation repair in Tennessee can help you avoid this risk. Check out a few indications that your home needs foundation fixes and call a contractor if you notice these around your property. Also, consider regular foundation inspections even if your property is in good condition! Inspections alert you to needed repairs and the foundation’s condition overall.

What Are Some Common Signs of Needed Home Foundation Repair in TN?

While every home is different, you might note some common signs of needed home foundation repair in Nashville TN. Again, if you notice these in or around your house, schedule a foundation inspection quickly! The sooner you repair damage, the less risk of cracks and leaks spreading and of your home sinking.

  •  Wall and ceiling cracks often indicate foundation damage and needed repairs. A weak foundation lets your house sink, pulling on drywall and ceiling tiles. In turn, cracks eventually form, even along exterior walls.
  • Along with wall cracks, you might notice gaps around window and door frames and in room corners. These result when drywall panels pull away from each other as a foundation sinks.
  • That sinking also pulls window and door frames out of a level position. Consequently, doors and windows might begin to stick. Also, you might struggle to lock them securely! Doors might also swing open on their own.
  • A sinking home means damage to its subflooring. In turn, you might notice weakness or a spongy feeling under foot when you walk across a room. Also, you might hear groaning, creaking, squeaking, and other unusual sounds!
  • As the subfloor weakens, tile and hardwood planks might pop out of position. You might then notice uneven lines of tile or loose floorboards in a room.
  •  Foundation cracks let moisture into a space. Consequently, a home’s basement, sunroom, laundry room, or other space might seem damp and musty!

What Are the First Signs of Foundation Problems?

While signs of foundation damage vary, wall cracks are typically the most common and first you’ll see around your property. Drywall is not as strong as wood framing, flooring, and other materials. Consequently, you might notice drywall cracks, popped drywall nails, and separated panels before you see any other issues.

Since doors and windows need level framing to operate properly, issues with these features are also more common than others. Sticking doors and windows can indicate warped wood or damage to the frame. However, a sinking foundation is a common culprit as well! Don’t simply sand down doors and windows if you notice them sticking but schedule a foundation inspection instead.

How Can You Tell If Your Foundation Is Cracked?

A full-scale inspection by a pro is the best choice for determining if your home’s foundation is cracked! However, you might also note signs of dampness in the house as well. Cracks let in moisture, as said, which can mean musty spaces and even standing water.

Consider if you’ve noticed a damp, musty basement, or moisture on concrete floors in the home. Also, musty smells especially from underneath carpeting can signal moisture from a cracked foundation. That moisture can also mean wood rot and mold throughout the home but especially along lower areas close to the floors.

Additionally, you might not associate a cracked foundation with insect and rodent infestation. However, pests seek out water sources as well as a food source inside a home! Dampness and especially standing water can mean eventual infestation. If you’ve ruled out other reasons for having to call an exterminator, have your home’s foundation checked!

What Happens If You Don’t Fix Foundation Problems?

No matter the cost of home foundation repair in Tennessee, you don’t want to put off this work! Keep in mind that a foundation holds up the entire weight of a home. That weight pushing down on a cracked, weak foundation only risks more damage over time. In turn, small cracks eventually become deeper, wider, and more costly to address.

Along with crack patching, a house might soon sink and settle so that it then needs underpinning. This process attaches pins or piers to a home’s foundation, to prop it back into position. This process can cost several thousands of dollars, versus less costly crack repairs.

Also, your home might soon suffer secondary damage inside and out! Those wall and ceiling cracks indicating foundation damage need patching. Damaged floor tiles and hardwood floor planks might also need replacing. Additionally, cracked or weakened subflooring often requires shimming and other such fixes.

Lastly, note that foundation damage often affects property values. In turn, you might lose equity you’ve built into that home over the years. Also, you might struggle to sell your home if you should put it on the market.

Are Foundation Repairs Worth It?

One reason to invest in home foundation repair in Tennessee is that foundation fixes are often an asset when selling, not a liability!  In areas known for poor soil conditions, recent leak repair or underpinning can ensure your property’s foundation stays in good condition for years to come.

Additionally, investing in foundation repair prevents damage from getting worse, both inside and outside the home. While homes with foundation issues rarely outright collapse, those ceiling cracks can risk falling ceiling sections. Bowing basement walls can also collapse eventually. Gaps around door and window frames let in outside heat and cold air throughout the year.

When you consider the cost of foundation repair and of fixing all these secondary issues, you might realize why timely fixes are the right choice! The sooner you schedule needed repairs, the less risk of costly secondary damage. Your home will also stay in good condition when you hire the best professional for home foundation repair in Tennessee.

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