What Type Of Roofing Lasts The Longest


The lifespan of a roofing system can often vary depending on the climate, the materials used as well as a wealth of design choices. The application and workmanship will also determine how long a roofing system can last. Keeping a quality roofing design will often mean choosing the best materials and if you are looking for a roof that is going to last the longest, here are some of the best materials that you can choose today:

Asphalt Shingle

This is one of the most common types of roofing materials on the market today. These shingles will last from 10-30 years with architectural shingles being at the top end of the market. Choosing asphalt shingles can be a great way to save on your budget and have your home look the same as others in the area.


Metal roofing materials can last for over 50 years and they are produced using mostly recycled materials today. Choosing a metal roofing material can be a great choice for the environment as you can save on your home energy and you will be getting a roofing material that lasts an extended period of time.

Tile And Concrete

This style of roofing material is growing in its popularity. Because tile and concrete can last for 50+ years and because it is extremely resistant to wear, this is a roofing option that stands as one of the best choices for longevity. These roofing options can sometimes require a structural upgrade for your home, but they are a great way to keep your home at its best.

Consider some of these choices for maintaining your home and getting the best roofing materials. Keep in mind that in order for these roofing materials to get to their full lifespan, you will need to use regular maintenance and care with the help of a professional roofing contractor.

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