Asphalt Concrete Layer in Road Construction consists of 3 parts

Asphalt Concrete Coating – Are you looking for asphalt pavement, if so? then you are on the right website. Because in this article we will share the types of asphalt concrete layers.

The asphalt concrete layer is

a tarmac layers on road construction comprising of a combination of hard black-top and total, blended and spread in a hot state and compacted at a specific temperature Another characteristic is that it has few voids in its aggregate structure, interlocking with one another, therefore asphalt concrete has high stability properties and is relatively rigid. (According to Highways Ministry of Public Works 2010).

Asphalt Coating Type

Asphalt concrete (Asphalt Concrete) in Indonesia is known as Laston (Asphalt Concrete Layer) which is a structural surface layer or top foundation layer. Asphalt concrete consists of 3 (three) layers, namely Asphalt Concrete-Wearing Course or AC-WC, Asphalt Concrete-Binder Course or AC-BC, and Asphalt Concrete-Wearing Course. Base or …

Tips for Choosing a Road Paving Service Contractor

A contractor or contractor is a form of business entity or service that aims to complete a project. The project must have been agreed upon between them and the project owners. One of the project owners, for example, the government. They take advantage of the services of contractors in terms of the construction of facilities or infrastructure. The companies that are given the responsibility are the resin gravel surfacing.
Here are tips for choosing a quality and reliable road paving service.

1. Check company reputation

The first tip is to check the reputation and recommendations from various parties. You can look for contractor track records in your area. You can see the results of their work from their website or social media. So you can be more confident that the service has good quality in every work. Reading testimonials from clients can also help check the reputation of the