3 Things to Think About Before Building a Home in the Country

If you are seriously considering purchasing land and building a home in the country, there are a few things you should know before you begin the process. Making your dream of rural living come true can have a dark side if you aren’t aware of the minefield of restrictions often associated with building a country home. Careful planning and understanding the soil are just the beginning of a long adventure that can become a rewarding life if you give it a chance. Here are three things to think about before building a home in the country.

Understanding Property Boundaries

Property borders by the old-timers were often walked off with a post stuck every so often, and then wires were put up intermittently to establish the boundaries. Today, there are more scientific methods that call for surveyors. This can sometimes lead to legal battles over property lines and water rights.

Connecting to Municipal Water

No matter where you want to build, if you can connect to city water and sewer lines, it can be a great benefit in the long run. Call a plumbing services Geneva IL to see if the property you are considering qualifies for city connection. If not, the service can probably help you decide what type of well to dig and what style of septic system you will require for your home size.

Knowing Community Regulations

Counties have zoning regulations, just like cities do. The property will probably have a limit on how many buildings you can construct, what type of structures, and if a business or mother-in-law’s house can be erected near the main house. If you have plans for any buildings on the property other than the main house, make sure you can construct them before starting any building projects.

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