4 Top Home Remodeling Tips

You may notice a few things about your home that are outdated, drab, or just generally in need of renovation. Rather than choosing to move, why not remodel those areas of your home that need a little tender-loving-care? Whether you choose to make your home more energy efficient, add brighter colors, or simply want new appliances, remodeling can make your home a place of beauty and comfort for your family; and you may be surprised when you see the average return on your investment in the following four areas.

The Exterior

If you want a huge return on your investment, improve your home’s curb appeal. Add color to the front, trim back the plants, and make siding repair Lake County IL. Flowers and a walkway can also add charm. The average return on your investment is about 100 percent.

The Kitchen

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may want to give the area a cosmetic update with new cabinet fronts, updated lighting, modern countertops, or new flooring. You can also add color with paint or new countertops. The average return on your investment is nearly 99 percent.

The Bathroom

To update your bathroom, re-glaze the tub, choose new tile for the shower, and replace the mirror. You can also choose new paint, update the windows, and select new faucets. The average return on your investment is around 100 percent.

The Patio

If you have a patio, adding planters, seating, and lighting can dramatically improve the look of the area. Also, re-staining the wood can protect the surface, but it can also update the look and invite you to use it more often. Average returns on your investment are around 92 percent.

A remodeling project can not only update the look of your home, but it can make you fall in love with the various areas all over again. Having a place of comfort to relax in is what a remodeled home is all about.


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