Framing a customised DIY frame mirror

Creating your own DIY Mirror Frame is simpler than you might imagine! Armed with only a handful of supplies and some molding sourced from your local hardware store, you can transform your basic builder-grade mirror in just a single day!

Typically, glass mirrors are the default option chosen during home construction. It’s the convenient, default choice, but it lacks the customized, finished appearance homeowners desire when constructing or shifting into a new residence. Fortunately, it’s simple to elevate beyond the builder-grade standard and achieve a designer’s inspired aesthetic by retrofitting the existing wall-mounted mirror with a frame.

How to work with a frame kit?

Pause and contemplate the significance of the mirror, particularly the one adorning your bathroom. It stands as an essential fixture within your home. Beyond its utilitarian function in your daily routine, it serves as a versatile design element capable of elevating the aesthetics of this frequently visited space.

Traditionally, acquiring a mirror has been a challenging endeavour. Prefabricated mirrors lack versatility and customization options. You can DIY mirror frames with the help of a DIY mirror frame kit for a customized look for your bathroom. Using a DIY frame kit involves following straightforward steps:

Step 1: Select a frame from any extensive range of distinct styles. With a considerably wider array of options compared to the trim available at typical big-box retailers, deciding on a style might be the most challenging aspect!

Step 2: The Measuring Worksheet is a tool provided to help accurately measure and provide necessary details for ordering the frame kit. It’s important to record the height and width of the mirror to ensure the frame fits properly. Additionally, noting the distances from surrounding obstacles is crucial for determining if any adjustments need to be made. Finally, understanding how the mirror is attached to the wall is essential for successful installation of the frame.

Step 3: In the final step, you’ll assemble and install the frame onto your mirror. The frame kit comes with everything you need for this process. The frame itself is pre-taped, meaning it has adhesive already applied to it. This makes the installation straightforward – you simply press the frame onto the mirror surface, and you’re done!

Tips for DIY mirror frame

• Measure the Mirror: Utilize a measuring tape to ascertain the dimensions of your mirror. These measurements are essential for determining the amount of trim required. Ensure that the inner dimensions of the frame are marginally smaller than the mirror to provide a suitable surface for gluing.

• Procure Trim Boards: Choose trim boards according to your desired aesthetic, considering widths typically ranging for optimal outcomes. With trim boards available in various lengths, be mindful of your cuts to minimize wastage.

• Adhere the Bottom Piece to the Mirror: Apply a heavy-duty adhesive suitable for glass onto the bottom piece of the frame. Place the board near the outer edge of the mirror to prevent adhesive reflection once installed. Secure the board firmly in place for the duration specified in the adhesive’s instructions, then use painter’s tape to hold it until completely dry.

• Attach the Side and Top Pieces: Repeat the adhesive application process for the side pieces, using the mirror’s edges as a guide. For enhanced stability, contemplate bonding the mitered edges of the boards together, ensuring excess adhesive is wiped away. Conclude the frame assembly by affixing the top piece into position.

• Complete the Frame: Get your preferred finishing technique on the boards. Opt for a weathered stain color for a rustic appeal, dilute white latex paint with water for a whitewashed coastal aesthetic, or directly apply your chosen color of latex paint for a sleek finish.


Crafting your own DIY mirrors empowers you to fashion a bespoke mirror tailored to your home or business. A personalized mirror has the potential to brighten and rejuvenate your surroundings. Select the ideal size for your space and peruse our diverse array of frames to find the perfect match for your preferences. Additionally, we provide the option of bevelled glass to impart an added touch of sophistication.