Here Are Simple Tips for Painting Murals in Your Kid’s Room


Murals provide a fantastic way of adding creativity and color to your child’s room. There are different ideas, from nature and jungle to fairytale scenes, you can bring to the room to transform the space. Whatever your design, a mural provides a more outstanding design that is simpler than painting the walls. However, knowledge and creativity are required to transform the entire space. Here are three vital things to consider.

Choosing the Mural

The first thing you will need is to select the mural. Here is what to do.

  • Pick a Classic and Timeless Mural

Even simple murals can transform the entire look of the room. However, you must pick something your kid will love even as they grow older. Therefore, timelessness and class are essential elements when choosing wallpaper murals. Look at what your child has loved for a long time and make it your first choice.

  • Choose According to Your Ability

Murals give you the chance to play with your imagination and creativity. However, you must know how to bring something into reality. If you are good at art, you can be sure you will create something great based on your ability. If you don’t have the experience, consider picking something simple. You can also consider getting help from someone with expertise in painting children’s wall murals. The crucial thing is choosing something you can paint.

  • Involve Your Kid

When choosing the mural, involving your kid is the easiest way to pick the right one. You may be tempted to paint something that looks good to you. However, remember the primary intention is to make your kid happy with the choice. So, consider their taste and interest and involve them when choosing.


Once you have picked your mural, the next thing is to plan. Start by sketching how you want the paint to appear. It can be a good idea to draw the mural on paper before transferring it to the wall. This will make it easy to refer to and know where to begin. When planning your mural, remember to consider the space. Check the shape of the bedroom walls or ceiling to learn how to paint the final piece. Irrespective of the area, find a way to make the mural unique. If you are painting the nursery, make sure you know where to paint nursery murals based on the size and design you want. You can use the furniture as a reference.

Painting the Mural

Before you start painting, there are several preparations you should make. Here is what you should do.

  • Prepare the Walls

Before you begin to paint, you need to prepare the space. You can remove the furniture from the room or squeeze it into the middle. Protect the floor with a tarp and fill any holes in the wall.

  • Trace the Design

The next thing is to trace the design on the wall using a light pencil. If you are painting a space wallpaper mural, tracing everything first will be a good idea so you don’t make mistakes.

  • Pick the Colors

You will also need some time to pick the colors. The colors you select will depend on the wall color and design.


You should do these essential things when painting murals in your kid’s room. Choose a mural based on their taste and interest and prepare the space before painting. Ensure you also trace the design first and choose a healthy paint.

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