How to create more space on campus


Do you work for a school, college or university and do you notice that there’s not enough space for housing all students? Maybe you need space for student associations, or you would like to have more dorm rooms, or maybe you just need more class rooms. In every way, there is a solution. You could place used shipping containers in the schoolyard.

Why would you buy used shipping containers?

Secondhand shipping containers are strong, watertight, ISO certified and always inspected and repaired if necessary before being released. They are quite cheap, compared to tiny houses or stone buildings. If you want to buy a 20ft shipping container, you do not pay more than $ 2000.- and for a 40 ft container the price does not exceed $ 3000.-. Maybe you were already thinking of placing containers, but have you thought of used shipping containers? Do you know how much CO2 emissions you will be reducing by using a secondhand container. The production of a single new container emits 11.807 kg of CO2, that is based on only one 20 ft container. How much CO2 would you save if you buy a used container?

What to do?

If you’re convinced, please check out the website for more information. You can easily buy the containers online, but before you do that, you might want to contact the company first. They can help you with all the questions that you have. You need to figure out the local regulations of the town where the school is located. You might need to obtain permits in order to place them and you also have to check the requirements for placing the containers of the company you buy it from. Once everything is settled, you have saved the school tons of money and you offer a good solution for the lack of space. Surely the students and your colleagues will be very happy with your solution.

Creative ideas for used shipping containers

You can use the containers for several options, depending on the local regulations of the town. You could use them as storage rooms, dorms, class rooms, libraries, quiet study areas, pc rooms, bicycle sheds and meeting rooms. It is even possible to create a cheap swimming pool of a shipping container. In addition, they can also be used as offices for the people working there. You might have to add electricity, plumbing or a heating installation, but think of all the extra space you are creating.

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