Is your home lacking pizazz? If you seek to step up your home’s curb appeal, you can invest a little time and money for a big impact. Small details such as potted plants, a fresh coat of paint, new landscaping and lighting can have your neighbors ogling your home with envy.

1. New Landscaping

If you have the time and energy, you can remove old shrubbery or plants and add new ones. However, if you are getting older or just don’t have the time, seek out lawn care estimates Arlington VA. A professional landscaper will enhance your home’s curb appeal exponentially and may even inspire your neighbors to work on their own landscaping, thereby elevating home values.

2. Potted Plants

Colorful potted plants are a quick and relatively affordable way to kick up your curb appeal. Whether you purchase ready-made planters or prefer to make your own, flowers can instantly transform your home from bland to awe-inspiring. 

3. Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint can take almost any home from dingy to delightful. It isn’t necessary to paint your entire house in order to get the facelift you desire. Instead, try painting your front door, mailbox or railing. If your home is painted a neutral color, try painting the door or railing a bright color to make it pop. 

4. New Lighting

There are plenty of solar lighting options to choose from to showcase your home in the evening hours. Spotlights to shine directly on your home, hanging porch lights and traditional solar lights to light a pathway all enhance your home’s curb appeal at night. The bonus with solar lights is that they won’t cost anything to add light to your home once you’ve installed them.

Amping up your home’s curb appeal may take a bit of cash and elbow grease, but will pay for itself when you feel yourself smile as you pull into your driveway.