Spa-Like Luxury for Your Bathroom

When it comes to home makeovers, kitchens and entertaining areas tend to pull focus. However, a bathroom — which sees as much daily use — is also a great candidate for a redesign. Its potential for spa-like luxury can be realized with these three design suggestions. With the help of these ideas, you can be sure to start and end your day with well-deserved pampering.

Open the Shower Walls

Transforming the look and feel of your bathroom can be as easy as upgrading your shower experience. Introducing glass shower doors Dallas TX to your home can modernize this feature, making it feel like less of an amenity and more like a spa-like luxury. Glass doors, with their sleek, clean lines and transparent nature, can make even a spatially challenged bathroom feel brighter and airier. They can also showcase unexpected details such as marbled walls or subway tiling, or highlight interesting showerheads and accouterments.

Add a Sitting Area

For walk-in showers, something so simple as inserting a bench can cultivate a spa-like atmosphere. Reminiscent of sauna rooms, a shower bench can make better use of a wall by introducing a new corner to relax in or to set down towels and other bath accessories. An expensive built-in is not necessary for the full effect, however; a water-resistant bench will do the trick for your shower and your budget.

Control Ambience With Light

Existing bathroom lighting may be more practical than atmospheric. Rethinking the lighting in your shower can make for a transformative shower experience. Recessed lights can bring focus to elegant tilework; a lit backsplash can highlight a menu of pampering gels and body washes; floor lighting can provide a contemporary, soothing touch. Go a step further and play with color for different moods and dimmer settings for full ambient control.

Spa leisure can be brought into your own home when you make your shower a place of comfort and luxury. With these three suggestions, you can redefine your bathroom experience.

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