Tips on Planning to Build a House

if you plan to build a dream house, it never hurts you to read 7 Tips on Planning to Build a House. The following article contains simple tips summarized based on our experience over the past few years. The key to building a house is careful planning. It sounds cliche, but this has a great effect on the results that are good for your home and certainly can reduce costs as efficiently as possible.

1. Budget Plan

This is the most important point in planning to build a house. You must specify a budget plan first because not everyone has unlimited budget capabilities. A budget plan is very appropriate for those of you who have fixed funds or just barely. Then specify the beginning of the number of funds that we will spend. As an illustration, how much cash money do you hold, soft loans, mortgages, etc. After you have the funds that you hold, we just go to the next stage.

2. Design Plan

If the budget plan has been prepared, then you estimate what kind of building you want (modern, minimalist, Mediterranean). Browse on the internet and search for interesting images as a benchmark. After getting some pictures, please discuss with your wife, father, or family. Ask for input regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the type of house. Do not forget to specify too, whether you directly build a full finishing, fence, water storage, heating, garden, etc. (outside the main building) because it will have a big influence on budgeting.

3. Image of the Architect

After all of the above have been prepared, then the next step is to look for the architect you trust to apply everything you want into the image. If you don’t understand the building you should use an architect to apply your wishes. The money we spend on architectural fees is not wasted because all the details of development planning are contained in the picture. So for the waste of material and unloading the structure of buildings can be avoided. after the picture is complete, understand the contents of the picture correctly, ask your architect if you don’t understand the image. even better if you can afford to pay more for the architect by watching the process of building your house.

4. Looking for a Home Builder

This artisan search is usually quite difficult. ask some friends about a good artisan reference. Especially if you don’t have time to oversee the full-time process of building your house. look for a diligent, honest and capable artisan (Mason, woven iron, electricity, etc.) about his duties. Make sure he keeps working even if you’re not watching. find the one package with the chief as the foreman. All your artisans must know each other so that job communication runs well. The selection of a repairman who is not good will make a mess of the development process, your house does not fit the picture, and of course, the cost that you spend becomes far swollen.

5. Hunting Material

The first thing you should look for is the door frame. Estimate the frame when the foundation of your house is finished. The best installation of frames is together with the installation of bricks. Then prepare the material to start the construction of the foundation (river stone, brick, cement, iron, sand, etc.). Look for material stores that provide the lowest prices around your residence. The slight difference in price will be very meaningful because you will buy continuously in a lot of houses. buy material for needs less than 5 days. if you buy material in very large quantities at once, in addition to problems in storage, the quality of the material will also be reduced, especially cement. as a tip from me for sand, stone, wood, brick material, buy it at the seller’s special place. do not buy in a material store, usually, for the material, the quality is not good in the material shop and the price is a little more expensive if you buy in a material store.

6. Selection of Accessories

In addition to building materials (cement, sand, stone, iron, etc.), the selection of accessory materials is also something that is no less complicated. The choice of the closet, faucet, sink wash, sink, ceramics, natural stone, socket, cable, down light, garden lights, decorative lights, keys, handles, etc. is quite a time consuming and costly. use your free time to walk to the building supermarket. compare the price of material that you need in some supermarkets to find the lowest price (partner10, building bazaar, etc.). often visit that place. If you are lucky you can find the material you are looking for while there is a discount.

Maybe it’s just tips on building a house from me, hopefully, it can help you all to build a house that you desire with good results and reasonable costs.

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