Upgrades That Pay Off When You Sell Your Home

With today’s real estate websites offering high-quality photos and videos of homes on the market, potential buyers can make decisions quickly before even stepping foot inside. Homes with outdated features can be written off hastily due to the anticipated cost of modern upgrades. However, as the seller, there are a number of projects you can do to increase value and sell quicker. Here are three areas that can get you the biggest bang for your buck.

Let Landscaping and the Exterior Make a Good First Impression

Your home’s exterior sets the tone for the home-buying experience, highlighting the importance of enhancing your curb appeal to potential buyers. Adding new mulch and vibrant flowers, power-washing the siding or even giving your front door a fresh coat of paint are all small costs with big impacts. If you decide to invest in a pricier upgrade, such as a new garage door or adding stone veneer, studies show sellers are able to recoup about 90-98% of the total cost.

Kitchens Are the Heart of the Home

Experts agree that kitchen upgrades should be at the top of the priority list for home sellers. Modern kitchens can make or break even the most promising home showing, as well as be the difference between an average or maximum offer. Minor remodels, such as replacing outdated countertops with granite or marble, updating cabinets with new paint or hardware and installing stainless steel appliances can have as much as an 87% return on investment.

Wall Color Is Important

A fresh coat of paint can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. Walls with bold colors or eccentric patterns can be a turn-off, so consider using residential painting services Redding to change your paint to a more neutral and understated choice, such as gray or beige. These colors offer potential buyers an opportunity to envision themselves in the home.

Whether you have a fixed budget or are a bit more flexible, upgrades are key before your home hits the market. These short-term investments not only enhance the look of your home but can also increase your potential for a better offer and a quicker sale.

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