How to check Instagram for twists?

The last trend in the promotion and promotion of Instagram is the attraction of popular and Instagram users (opinion leaders, influencers). But the question immediately arises, how influential are they? How do I check my account for a twist in order to invest profitably and get a result? Confide in statistics? It is necessary, but it should not be limited, and that is why.

Bots or real people.

  • Level of interaction of the TOP account audience with content.
  • Real or twisted likes, comments, reposts, etc.
  • If there are account indicators, then this is done by real people (offers) or bots.
  • You should have answers to this list of questions, then the effort will not be in vain.

How to understand that subscribers are twisted?

We’re checking for fake followers. These are specially created, abandoned or stolen accounts that are used to artificially increase various indicators and create activity.

Most often they look like this.

  • Zero fans.
  • Minimum publications (more often up to 10).
  • There is no photo and the profile is not filled at all.
  • A significant number of subscriptions.
  • The last tape update was a long time ago.
  • The author’s name is generated randomly.

What are such fans bad?

  • They don’t see your texts.
  • Do not like and do not write comments.
  • Completely inactive and hanging ballast.
  1. The most reliable data can be obtained using various free methods. For example, ratio and comparison.

Engagement rate (ER). This is the average number of responses per post. We take part of the photo for a certain period and summarize likes and comments, after we divide by the number of placements, this will be the average number of reactions to the post. Next, we compare with a similar account of a similar theme. More indicator – higher quality.

  1. In general, checking the response of neighboring posts of different topics or design, this is an extremely necessary practice. After all, it does not happen that each publication is a masterpiece, there are rather “passing” things. So the difference in the number of likes should be at least 10-15%.
  2. Learn about account statistics

Location of your audience. In the tape, the author writes in Portuguese, but according to statistics, he has 35% of subscribers from France. This is very suspicious, because the French most do not speak Portuguese.

The promotion of the page most often occurs smoothly, there are sharp ups, but they are associated with specific events.

Let’s take this as an example of likes. Usually the difference between the number of hearts under each picture is significant (more than 1020 pieces). All because the subscriber likes some posts more than others. This is why it is especially suspicious if the number of likes is the same under all the photos in the tape.

It is most effective to use services that are interested in having live people in a twist. Mass story viewing instagram is popular in that involvement in the story occurs only with real people, and not bots, thereby reacting to the story, responding with reactions that increase your reach. This can be found on the