When It’s Time to Update Your Window Treatments

Many homeowners will make long to-do lists of improvement projects for their home, including updating exterior landscaping, cleaning and decluttering rooms, and repainting over the years. Taking these few easy tips can have a major impact on refreshing your house and saving you money in the process.

Skyrocketing Energy Costs

Summer is often the perfect time to update your window treatments. With longer, sunnier days approaching, you might encounter some issues with your current window coverings that might require new and updated shades. There are many options when it comes to blinds and shades, including vertical blinds, horizontal blinds and roller shades new york. A professional will be able to identify what type of window treatment you need based on what direction your windows face, the size, and how much light you’re trying to let in.

You Want to Update a Room

Another reason to update window treatments might be purely aesthetic. Adding roller shades to your windows as opposed to vertical blinds can give your windows a different, more modern look. You can also add bolsters and colorful or patterned drapes to give height, texture and color to any room.

They’re Broken or Dirty

Updating a window treatment that is broken, dirty or just simply old and out of date might be another reason to get new blinds or shades. Updating your roller shades with new ones every few years can ensure that they are in proper working order and haven’t faded or discolored from sun exposure. You might even look into adding automatic shades to your home that can be controlled by remote or with an app, so that you can raise or lower the shades even when you’re not home.

Taking a few simple measures to make sure your window treatments are working properly and looking great can be an easy way to update your home. You can easily impact the look and feel of your house by changing window treatments.



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