Your Guide to Keeping Your Central Florida Restaurant Speckless 

If you own a restaurant in a touristy part of Central Florida, business is likely good… which usually also means more cleaning is involved. Follow these tips to make sure your restaurant (and its reputation) stay spotless. 

Don’t Skimp on Cleaning 

In restaurants, it’s as important to clean what the customers see as it is to clean what they don’t see. Keep seating areas, bathrooms and entrances pristine, and disinfect that kitchen thoroughly: it can be very bad for business if someone gets sick from your food. Try finding a cleaning checklist online for guidance, or make your own list that your employees have easy access to. 

Schedule Your Cleaning Logically 

Sometimes you don’t have time to clean things daily, which is fine: not everything needs to be. Ovens, for example, can generally be cleaned once a week, and freezers are usually fine for about a month. Don’t forget about the walls and ceilings, either: walls should get a weekly clean, while your ceiling (you heard that right) should be washed after about a month. 

Give Employees Set (but Rotating) Tasks 

Don’t have your workers stepping on each other’s toes while cleaning. Assign specific roles to each, especially if you have a sizable staff. Divide tasks equally, so as not to overwork your employees. 

Consider a Cleaning Service 

To be absolutely sure your restaurant’s at its cleanest, hire cleaning professionals. They don’t have to come weekly for a full clean, which could prove quite expensive: monthly visits are enough, or alternately, you could have them clean smaller areas of the restaurant every few weeks, which should prove cheaper. They’re not hard to find in the area, either: just search restaurant cleaning central florida online or in the Yellow Pages, and use sites like the Better Business Bureau to check their quality. 

Remember that clean is key when it comes to food, especially at restaurants. Your customers will love you for it, and stay healthy in the process. 


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