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Are you searching for wholesale distributors of reverse osmosis? Visit us today to find out more. Paragon Water Systems is proud to be a distributor of wholesale reverse-osmosis filters. We are an ODM provider that only offers the highest quality water filtration solutions with no negative environmental impacts.

What Is a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System?

There are many ways to filter your drinking water at home and remove harmful contaminants. The best solution is reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis system functions exactly as the water absorption process in plants. This system has a semi-permeable membrane. It filters out ions, molecules, and larger particles from water, and allows only pure water to enter. Normal solvent flow occurs between a low concentration solution and a high-concentration one. To remove the most dangerous contaminants, there are four to five stages in water filtration. This simple, yet effective method will provide you with pure drinking water that is free from contaminants.

Why Is a Reverse Osmosis System Important?

A reverse osmosis water system is the best way to filter your water. Installing a reverse-osmosis water filter system in your home has many benefits. You can take this example:

* This system can remove heavy metals like lead. All contaminants such as nitrates and pesticides, sulfates or fluoride, bacteria and pharmaceuticals, arsenic, and other pollutants will be eliminated.

* The system is very simple to maintain and clean. It is easy to maintain.

It has been approved by the EPA.

* Reverse osmosis has been shown to be more efficient than other POU filtration methods.

* The cost of reverse osmosis is significantly lower than that of the ultraviolet disinfection systems.

* This system is ideal for water supplies that have been adequately treated with chlorine.

Paragon Water Systems offers reverse osmosis. What are its features?

Paragon Water Systems offers two types of RO filtering: the 3-stage and 4-stage. You can choose one or both depending on your needs. Our product is unique because of certain features. Their RO systems have the best features:

* Twistlock slumps can be used in a simple and easy way.

It has a quick auto shut-off feature and is completely silent.

* A proprietary filter cartridge solution that will guarantee your replacement business for the rest of your life.

Solids as small and as tiny as 0.01 microns can be completely dissolved to as high as 97%.

* This kit includes an auxiliary faucet, the 2.8-gallon tank, as well as all hardware.

* Your water will taste better and be clearer.

Paragon Water Systems takes great pride in its craftsmanship. We have successfully completed hundreds of successful installations. Paragon Water Systems products meet or exceed customer expectations. Our Reverse Osmosis water system is no exception. Contact us if you are interested in one for your home!

This post was written by a water treatment expert at Paragon Water Systems. We manufacture home water solutions such as reverse osmosis systems, under sink water filtration systems, showerhead filtration systems, carbon cartridges, and a wide variety of other products. Our focus is to provide America with safe and clean water throughout the home. Click here for more information!

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