Creating an outdoor space at home can be an enjoyable way to extend your living space. It offers fresh air and a different vibe.

Perhaps you have purchased patio furniture but are struggling to finish the space. Here are 7 tips to complete your outdoor oasis.


Adding plants and flowers to the space will brighten it up. They might even attract beautiful creatures like hummingbirds.


Grills come in all shapes and sizes and are somewhat foolproof when it comes to cooking. As a bonus, there are fewer dishes to clean up after the meal.


Solar lighting is an affordable way to enjoy your space after dark. Finish the space off with some hanging lanterns for added charm.


A patio umbrella or sun sail will offer shade, encouraging you to use the space during the day. A pergola is a more dramatic option to keep the sun out.

Water Feature

Buy a small water feature to set near an outlet. You can put it on a timer and enjoy the sound of water as you relax.

Garden Art

Find a fun piece of garden art to set near the space. Some things can serve a second purpose, such as a decorative sprinkler or a bird feeder.

Outdoor Rug

A rug will bring everything together. Rugs are versatile, so you can either add color or tone down the flooring.

With these tips, your outdoor oasis will be a space you can truly enjoy.