A Guide to Terrazzo Flooring

Originating in Italy in the 16th century, terrazzo flooring began as leftover marble chips that marble workers mixed into cement and used as flooring on their terraces. Today, the resilient material is used in a wide range of places and is available in a variety of styles.

Where You’ve Seen Terrazzo Flooring

If you can’t imagine what terrazzo may look like in your own home or office building, consider places you’ve likely already walked on it. Large department stores and shopping malls often use this type of flooring. You’ve probably often seen them in airports and train stations. Universities and schools use them because of their longevity, while hospitals use them because they’re easy to keep sanitized. They’re common in corporate offices as well, as they’re easy to be customized with logos. You may even have seen terrazzo in a neighbor’s home.

Why You Should Consider Installing Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is an excellent option if you want something that is stylish, versatile, affordable, and durable. Terrazzo is available in a practically unlimited number of colors and materials, meaning it will look amazing in your bathroom, kitchen, or even as the main flooring in your business. When properly maintained, it can last for decades or even longer, and with the proper water-resistant sealing, terrazzo can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How To Take Care of Terrazzo Flooring

It is good to have a daily and weekly routine to keep your terrazzo flooring looking as beautiful as the day you installed it. At the end of each day, use a dust mop to wipe the floor. Once a week, use a neutral cleaner to mop the floor if it is lightly soiled. If you need to get rid of more stubborn stains, scrub with a neutral cleaner or buffing machine. Remember to mop up residue before it dries. Once or twice a year, hire someone to perform terrazzo flooring maintenance Bronxville NY. Professionals will strip away old sealers and reseal the floor to keep it looking fresh.

Whether you want your boutique to look more inviting or simply need a change in your personal environment, terrazzo flooring is sure to have something that matches your budget and style.