A Quick Guide to Commercial Refrigeration

Whether you’ve opened your own restaurant or simply want a space to keep employee lunches cool during the day, chances are your company could benefit from a commercial refrigeration unit. The key is to choose the right one for your needs.

How To Choose the Right Refrigerator

There are almost two dozen types of refrigeration cases available on the commercial market. The type you need depends on what your business sells. Some are more common than others.

  • Reach-in Refrigerators — Popular for businesses that need to store raw meat, fish, dairy, or cooked products.
  • Walk-in Coolers — Room-sized refrigeration that is best for storing bulk items for restaurants or grocery stores.
  • Refrigerated Prep Tables — Common in delis and pizza shops, these tables have under-counter refrigeration to store toppings and other perishable items.

These units are the most common, but chances are you’ve seen many others, such as glass refrigeration cases, countertop refrigerators, and deli cases. Think about the products you sell when deciding which option is right for you.

How To Decide Between New and Used Refrigeration

New refrigeration cases can be quite expensive. If you’re considering purchasing a used commercial refrigerator, weigh the pros and cons. New refrigeration is likely more energy-efficient and comes with a warranty. However, if you are starting your business on a limited budget, secondhand refrigeration is an option. Be sure the compressor works properly, as repairing one is quite expensive.

How To Determine if You Need Refrigeration Repair

Regular maintenance is important for ensuring your refrigeration unit stays cool enough. It is also important to know the signs of a failing system. If your refrigerator doesn’t seem to be staying cool enough; if the door’s seal isn’t closing properly, or if your energy bills rise without another cause, chances are your system is on the fritz. If you notice any of these problems, look for refrigeration repair Fall River MA immediately.

The best time to find a refrigeration repair specialist is as soon as you purchase your unit. That way, when you need maintenance or an emergency repair, you save time because you already know who to call. Remember, routine maintenance prevents expensive repairs down the line.