Land surveyors have an important job. They do detailed measurements of points on the ground, measuring width, length, and also elevation. This information is used to make maps, determine property boundaries, and mark the location of geographical features. It’s a job that involves both working outdoors and indoors and can be rewarding and challenging. Becoming a land surveyor requires education and training.

College Education

Surveying is a skilled job and requires learning to do it properly from a program such as California land surveyors training. Before beginning job-specific training, a prospective surveyor must earn a bachelor’s degree. There are universities that have degree programs geared toward students with an eye toward becoming surveyors. A degree in a related field such as natural resources or engineering is generally acceptable too.

Surveyor Training

The next step in pursuing a surveying career is job-specific training. To work as a surveyor requires a state-issued license. Although it varies from state to state, after earning a bachelor’s degree the candidate must train for about 4 years under a licensed surveyor. Some jurisdictions will allow work experience in a related field to count toward the total years of training. After fulfilling all the prerequisites required by their state, the student may apply for a license.


Every state in the country and Washington D.C. requires surveyors to be licensed. Once the proper education, training, and work experience have been attained, there are two tests the student must pass. The first one is the Fundamentals of Surveying Exam, which can be taken after earning a degree. Once training and experience are completed, the Principles and Practice of Surveying exam is taken. Upon passing, the candidate can get a license and become a surveyor.

Land surveying can be a great way to make a living. To become a licensed surveyor, one must complete education, training, and work experience requirements.

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