You can either be a first-time homeowner or an experienced veteran looking to sell your house to move to a new location. Take a look at the benefits of a screened patio or porch for your home.

What is the difference between the Porch & the Patio?

A screened porch is simply a porch covered in a thin mesh or screen to keep insects out. A patio is a large, paved area that can be used for entertaining guests or cooking.

Is it worth having either?

A patio can increase the size of a home, reduce lawn maintenance and make a messy yard look more purposeful. You can use it for entertaining, cooking, and dining. It also provides space for relaxation, without worrying about being soaked by rain or sunburn.

A screened porch will keep pesky insects away, give you privacy from neighbors and passers-by, and allow you to use your porch all year. It can also extend your living space.

How can screened patios and porches increase the value of a home?

A patio or screened porch is a great option if you have a lot of sun or rain. You can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting soaked or having your skin get burned.

You’ll also get a higher resale price if your house has screened porches and patios.

Last Word

Do not wait to build a screened porch! You’ll have an outdoor space that’s unaffected by the outside world, and it will add value to your home if you decide to sell it.

Don’t be alarmed at the mess that can come with a home redecoration.

This article was written by Bob Elliot, Bob is the sales/design consultant for Pyramid Aluminum Inc. Pyramid Aluminum Inc is dedicated to providing installation of screen enclosures Tampa designed with an eye to detail and built for the long-lasting value our clients deserve. We are fully equipped to handle any project in the Tampa Bay area. Residential or commercial, no job is too large or too small!