Are you looking for a bathroom remodeler in Sarasota? An updated bath is an excellent investment in any home! One reason to consider a remodel is that it might offer all the accessible storage needed in the space. Two, new surface materials protect your home against water damage while being easier to clean. For further information about our bathroom remodelers, visit us at
Despite the advantages of a bathroom redo, some homeowners put off this work simply because they don’t know how to find the right contractor. Before you go another year without that stunning new space you deserve, check out some quick tips for finding a renovation contractor. In turn, you’ll finally have an updated bathroom the entire family will love!

1. Plan the Work Before Finding a Sarasota Bathroom Remodeler

Imagine shopping for a new car without first considering your needs and budget. Chances are you might end up with a vehicle that doesn’t offer the room you need, and which you can’t afford! In the same way, it’s vital that you plan some important details about your bathroom renovation before shopping for a contractor.
One reason to create a basic plan is that not all contractors offer full-scale tear-outs, while some prefer full-scale renovation. Two, working out a budget before you hire a remodeling contractor ensures they’ll stick to it!
Creating a plan doesn’t mean working out every detail of your renovation, as that’s the contractor’s job. Instead, note what you must have in the space above all else. For example, you might prefer added storage in the bathroom versus a linen closet in the hallway. On the other hand, a larger shower might be more important to you than storing linens at your fingertips.
Once you have a list of needed changes, set your budget. When deciding on a budget, remember that you’ll want to set aside about 5% for needed repairs and upgrades. It’s not unusual for contractors to pull up flooring or start tackling lighting, only to find that your space needs a new subflooring, wiring, and the like.

2. Check a Variety of Reviews

Most people know to check Google reviews when shopping for a potential bathroom remodeler in Sarasota. However, there are many other sites dedicated to reviewing contractors you might visit! These include Houzz, Angie’s List or Angi, Thumbtack, and HomeAdvisor.
You might also check a contractor’s Facebook page for reviews. Be wary of any contractor with a history of poor comments from past clients.

3. Potential Contractors Should Offer Suggestions But Never Try to “Upsell”

To upsell a product or service means to suggest it to someone even if they had no intention of buying it. For example, when asked if you want an extended warranty on a product, they’re trying to upsell that warranty.
When searching for a bathroom remodeler in Sarasota, note that he or she should have lots of ideas and suggestions for how to bring your dream bathroom to life. They might also caution you against various ideas if you’ve overlooked potential issues with your design plan.
However, contractors shouldn’t try to upsell or convince you to include products or details not needed in your bathroom. For instance, you might be happy with a standard sized bathtub. In turn, a contractor shouldn’t be overly pushy about including a larger, garden tub.
Reconsider any contractor who seems a bit pushy about expensive products, design changes, and other details you don’t need in the space. This is especially true if they want you to go over your budget!

4. A Good Contractor Knows Their Stuff!

Qualified bathroom remodelers in Sarasota know about surface materials, storage solutions, building codes, and so on. For example, they should be able to explain the pros and cons of different countertop and flooring options. Consequently, you can rely on their expertise when needed.
Additionally, a contractor should know if a project requires a permit and ensures the work is up to local codes. Also, they should be able to pull those permits and schedule needed inspections! Reconsider any contractor who expects a homeowner to manage these tasks.

5. Your Contractor Should Schedule Onsite Meetings

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of contractors, expect some onsite meetings. First, a potential contractor should take measurements. Next, they should note if any changes you want might violate codes or be unworkable for any reason. Lastly, they need to create a basic plan based on the existing space.
While meeting contractors in their showroom or office is vital, an experienced contractor should insist on seeing your space. This will ensure they have exact measurements and other details needed for an accurate offer.

6. What to Get In Writing

A reliable contractor always puts their agreement in writing. However, you might not realize what they should include in their contract! Some things they should write out are their price, their expected completion date, and agreed upon materials.

Also, a contractor should note that they will pull permits, schedule inspections, and that their work is up to local codes. You might also need a payment schedule written out. Additionally, ensure you get in writing any other details to which you both agree!

Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

Hiring a bathroom remodeler in Sarasota, FL is worth the few extra steps needed to find the right contractor. First, note that a new bathroom space can mean added storage and convenience and even increased property values. Second, a homeowner should never attempt their own bathroom renovation.
Consider the first reason to hire a bathroom renovation contractor. An updated bathroom can offer a larger footprint, for less congestion in shared spaces. Improved storage helps keep you organized, reducing stress and hassle every day. A more welcoming design also means a more relaxing space!
Next, note why homeowners shouldn’t attempt their own renovation. One reason is that your changes must be up to local codes! Also, installing new tile and plumbing, and even simply painting, are more complicated than you might realize. To ensure stunning end results you love, rely on the services of a pro.