High Pressure Drain Jetting & Drain Cleaning Explained

High pressure water jetting is a process that uses a stream of pressurised water to clean surfaces of dirt and debris or remove unwanted surface coatings. The list of uses is long and when it comes to stormwater and sewer drain cleaning, it is the preferred method for clearing any blockages so your drain pipes run perfectly again in no time.

Using a high pressure water jet is a very efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly drain unblocking solution that has excellent results. Whether it is stormwater drains or sewer jetting, it can deal with blockages easily. Common blockages in drains include a buildup of household waste from sinks and showers, invasive tree roots and other debris from toilets, downpipes and even matter that has washed off paths and gardens.

What Problems Can High Pressure Water Jetting Fix?

While high pressure jets are often used to deal with obstructions from pipes and drains, they are also useful for any blockages in downpipes, culverts, water tanks, septic tanks, cesspits, grease traps and more. Pipes and drains that are between 80 and 2500 mm in diameter can be cleaned using high pressure water.

The Drain Man are specialists in drain services and they have a selection of high pressure drain cleaning systems available. These include portable reels, combination and recycling units, urban combination units and van pack drain jetting units.

Regularly using a high pressure water jet to clear drains will assist in keeping your sewer and stormwater drains clear of blockages, so that you are less likely to experience more problems and avoid any major clogs. Maintenance is particularly helpful if you have large trees on your property that are prone to invading your pipes. They will eventually cause quite severe damage to pipes if not handled quickly and therefore cost a lot of money to remedy.

The Steps Involved in Jet Drain Cleaning

The process of clearing your pipes and drains is actually pretty simple when the professionals are engaged. A detailed phone consultation followed by a visit to the site will enable a drain specialist to assess the issue and they will then conduct a thorough inspection of the pipes.

Underground pipes and drains are able to be inspected using highly specialised CCTV cameras. Footage is recorded and assessed to determine the location of the blockage as well as identify any damage to the pipes.

Once the drain specialist knows what they are dealing with, high pressure water jetting equipment will be used to clear blockages before further footage is taken to ensure it is all clear and draining properly. You should expect that the before and after vision is shared with you in order to see both the initial problem and the results.

What is Commercial Blocked Sewer Jetting?

No one wants to deal with the disruption and damage that can be caused by blocked drains, therefore managing the building infrastructure is essential. Commercial blocked sewer jetting is an excellent preventative maintenance process so you can prevent possible issues and consequently save you considerable amounts of money.

A professional company like The Drain Man will provide a range of services for general maintenance of drains as well as responding to emergency drain blockages. Sewer and stormwater assets are vital and rather expensive to install, so looking after them to prevent damage is critical. Commercial drain services include using CCTV cameras to locate junctions and identifying damage and blockages, along with measuring and mapping out pipeline assets.

Jet Drain Cleaning & the Pipe Relining Process

If you have had pipes cleared by drain blasting, a great choice to prevent further damage is to reline your pipes. This clever technique is an excellent idea if your pipes are in good condition as they will last many more years and you are likely able to avoid the costly and destructive option of putting in new pipes.

The pipe relining process is fast, no digging is needed, and it makes the pipes 100% leak proof and even stronger than they were before. It is cost effective, and The Drain Man offers a lifetime warranty.

Once the pipes have been prepared, a special drain liner is assembled to the correct size and a unique resin is applied. The liner is pulled through the existing pipe using specific access points and is then manipulated to get it into place.

The liner is inflated and held in place for a time until it cures, resulting in pipes that are smooth, extra strong and less susceptible to further cracks and blockages.

It must be noted that pipes can only be relined if their integrity is of a certain standard, so that can be assessed with drain cameras. If the pipes are significantly damaged, they will likely need replacement.

The Drain Man is the smart choice for any drain cleaning services, and they are always available to discuss your needs. Give their friendly and helpful team a call for a no obligation chat or contact them online.