How are Oriental Rugs Professionally Cleaned?

If you own an oriental rug then you’ve probably considered or are considering getting the rug cleaned by a professional oriental rug cleaning company. An oriental rug is any rug that was made in Asia which means that cleaning them can be a process. Rugs are typically something that is professionally cleaned due to the materials, dyes, and just overall delicacy of the rugs. If you’re looking to get your oriental rug cleaned then you might be wondering about the process. Well, we’re going to go over the basic process of what happens when you drop your rug off to them.

What’s The Process Of Getting An Oriental Rug Professionally Cleaned?


The process of getting an oriental rug professionally cleaned is different per the company, but the basic steps are the same, so that’s what we will be going over. Typically there are a few basic steps that the company goes through which prepare your rug for cleaning and then there are different methods used to clean the rug.


Step 1: An inspection is typically done on the rug first thing when the oriental rug cleaning company receives it. This allows them to determine what areas need to be deep cleaned and spot treated. They will also look at the fibers and colors of the rug. The company may talk to you about their findings within the rug before they continue the cleaning process.


Step 2: Testing the rug’s dye and colors will avoid any damages that might be done to the rug during the washing process. Some colors and dyes might bleed and doing a small test will determine what products they’re able to use to make sure that no bleeding or color removal happens.


Step 3: Dusting and vacuuming is the next step and this process is used to just remove surface dirt and dust from the rug to prepare it for the actual washing process. Rugs hold a lot of dirt in them so dusting is necessary.


Step 4: Spot treatment is next and this is also a huge part of cleaning your rug. It’s normal to have stains that need a bit of extra work or extra treating before the washing process.


Step 5: Washing an oriental rug is usually done by hand. Typically the rug is submerged into water and it is washed thoroughly with the proper cleaning materials based on the material and color of your rug.


Step 6: Drying the oriental rug is the last main thing that is done to it. Oriental rugs are air-dried either laying flat or hanging up depending on the material of your rug.


Step 7: Lastly is a final inspection of the rug. The company will make sure the rug is in great condition to send it back. It’s then covered or rolled to be safe for transportation once the owner gets it.


How Often Should Oriental Rugs Be Professionally Cleaned?


Oriental rugs are very important to keep up with and so maintaining them means getting them regularly cleaned. Any rug or area of carpet that is used should be cleaned regularly. Rugs tend to hold a lot of o bacteria, germs, dust mites, and other allergens that can affect air quality and possibly cause colds. Typically, you should get your oriental rug cleaned yearly at the very least. Depending on how often you use the rug or where it is located in your home, you might want to get it cleaned more often or less often. Rugs that are in high traffic areas, especially in an entryway will need a more regular or thorough cleaning due to the constant use of the rug. It’s also important to remember to vacuum your rugs regularly, even every day if you can. This will help avoid lots of buildup in the rug and allow for an easier cleaning process as well as just keeping your rug clean. Vacuuming regularly will also get rid of dust mites and allergens that can impede air quality and cause colds. Regardless, you should be getting your rugs cleaned professionally yearly.

Can You Wash An Oriental Rug In The Washer?

Washing your Oriental rug in the washer can be a big mistake. Unfortunately, rugs like this cannot just be thrown into the washing machine because they can cause damage to the rug in most cases. Typically, oriental rugs need to be hand-washed in order to clean the rug but be as gentle as possible so that it doesn’t cause any damage. Oriental rugs are usually made from material that should be hand washed only. The best bet for ensuring that your rug is clean, but stays in great shape is to take it to an oriental rug cleaning company. These companies will use proper chemicals to clean your rug and they will properly hand wash it. Keeping your rugs clean is important but remember that not everything can be washed inside of a washer. You also should avoid using a carpet cleaner on your rugs as well because this can also damage them.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rug cleaning is an important part of rug upkeep. Typically an oriental rug is cleaned professionally by a process of steps that help to spot, treat, dust, clean, and dry the rug all while keeping it in great shape. Oriental rugs should be vacuumed as much as possible to keep them from getting built up, but if you’re looking to wash your rug, you should stick to professional oriental rug cleaning. Remember to never put your rug inside of the washer because it can cause irreparable damage to it.


If you’re looking to get your Oriental rug cleaned then you should contact an Oriental rug cleaning company to do so. They typically use a hand wash method with proper chemicals for the material, age, and color of your rug. Oriental rugs have a specific cleaning process to ensure that the quality of the rug is salvaged and also ensure that it’s getting the proper cleaning that it needs. Be sure to clean your rugs annually by a professional oriental rug cleaning company to keep your rug clean and in perfect condition.