How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom


It can be difficult to get a bathroom design right but even more so when you do not have a lot of space. But the interior designers at Triple Heart Design say that with professional bathroom interior design, you can maximize the space you have while creating a space that you will absolutely love.

Look for Smaller Bathroom Furniture Items

One way to make your space look bigger is to buy smaller bathroom furniture. So speak to someone at your local bathroom store and find out more about their small toilets and vanity sinks. Some people will use corner toilets to make the most of the space that they have, but you can also look for short projection toilets that have a reduced depth. Alternatively, why not install a combined toilet and sink unit that mounts the sink over the cistern, taking up far less space in the room.

Get Rid of the Bathtub

If you prefer to have showers, then removing the bathtub and installing a shower cubicle will create the illusion of space. A walk-in shower that is completely open can also reduce the need for a large shower tray as the water flows away through a drain on the floor. However, if your space is small, you will probably still need a shower screen to prevent the entire room getting wet.

Paint with Light Colors

Light colors make a room look bigger, so when painting your bathroom go for white, beige, or light grey. Always paint your bathroom with specially designed paint that will repel mold to help keep the room looking clean and fresh.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are another clever way to make a room look bigger. The larger the mirror, the more space it appears to create. If you place the mirror on the wall opposite the window (if possible), it will reflect the natural light, creating a brighter room.

Add Some Greenery

Greenery in a bathroom is a great idea because it can absorb extra moisture and purify the air. They also look fantastic and are a terrific way to bring nature inside. If you have a small bathroom with minimal lighting, go for something such as a spider plant or Boston fern, which need minimal light to thrive.

Recess Shelves

If you are considering a bathroom remodel and your budget allows, a great space saver is recessed shelving in the walls. This is particularly useful in the shower where you can house your toiletries without extra shelving that make the space look too cramped.

Floating Vanities

A floating vanity will mean more floor space and will create the illusion of a bigger room. When choosing a floating vanity unit, make sure it has space inside to store items such as toilet paper and towels.

Be Clever with Lighting

If your space is small, do not go for a large light fixture as this will crowd the room and make it look smaller. A flush light fixture that sits neatly on the ceiling and is fitted with a daylight bulb will make the most of your space and provide you with sufficient lighting.


If you have a small bathroom, you can make the most of it by introducing clever interior design tricks. Maximize the space by using light-colored paint and reflecting natural light with large mirrors. To create more space, look for smaller bathroom furniture items or consider pieces that will fit in awkward spaces, such as corner toilet and sink. You can also utilize smart storage solutions such as floating vanities or recessed shelving to avoid clutter.