Ideas for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Having a beautiful yard does not have to involve a great deal of work. The following tips will help you to create a low-maintenance landscape that will give you lots of pleasure with little effort.

Install Automatic Irrigation

With an irrigation installation Boca Raton, you will not have to manually water your lawn and plants. You can set the system to automatically water everything in the exact amount that each part of the landscape needs. It can even water your yard while you are gone on vacation.

Create a Rock Garden

A rock garden combines decorative rocks with drought-resistant plants. Once it is set up, it needs very little maintenance. It is just a matter of choosing plants that need the same amount of sunshine that the area naturally receives.

Add Mulch Around Your Plants

Mulch keeps moisture from evaporating from the soil, so plants need less water. It also prevents weeds from popping up everywhere. In winter, you can cover your plants with mulch to protect them rather than removing them for the winter and replanting them in spring.

Plant Grass Alternatives

Instead of having a grass lawn, consider planting moss or clover. Moss is especially good in shade and doesn’t have to be mowed. Clover is better for sunny areas. It does have to be mowed occasionally, but not nearly as often as grass. A clover lawn is also good when you have dogs because it doesn’t get burned areas from dog urine as grass does.

Choose Native Plants

Plants that are native to your area of the country will naturally be easier to take care of. You can just plant and forget many of them. If your area is humid, native plants will be used to it, and if you are in the desert, native plants will not need much watering.

Plant Ornamental Grasses

Many ornamental grasses are very low-maintenance. They look beautiful and can fill in otherwise bare areas with their tall foliage.

Consider Artificial Turf

If you want the look of a lawn without the maintenance, install an artificial lawn. These are most common in desert areas, but they could work anywhere. Artificial lawns always look good. They don’t need to be mowed, seeded or irrigated.

Try out some of these ideas in your landscape, and you will enjoy the time you spend outside admiring your garden instead of working on it. You will be helping the environment at the same time that you are making your own life easier.