Is My Roofing Waterproof?

Waterproof roofs are slowly becoming standard in all modern homes. These roof prospects include an extra layer of protection that guarantees no water can penetrate and leak into your home. Your house needs to meet the required waterproofing specifications to protect the items inside your house while preventing a leaky ceiling. Here is what to know about roof waterproofing and its importance.

What is Roof Waterproofing?

Waterproofing your roof involves adding an extra protective layer to your roof’s structure to prevent water from getting in your house. The waterproofing also ensures that your house walls and support beams are solid and rot-free. Inadequate roof waterproofing is among the most common causes of roof leaks, which is why you should consider professionals like IKO roofing for your roof needs.

What are the Materials Used for Waterproofing?

Base Sheet

A roofing base sheet is among the bottom components of your waterproofing layer. It is made of reinforced polyester, fiberglass, or composite reinforcement. They seal the rafters and roof foundation by being the first layer over the decking board.


The underlayment acts as an extra protection layer featuring water-resistant properties to protect your roof against harsh weather. Underlayment designs differ for flat and sloping roofs since the configuration is different.


The metal or modified sheets found around valleys, chimneys, and skylights are good examples of roof flashing. It functions as a diversion to prevent water from going to places where it might accumulate. Various metals are used for installing flashing; they include aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, or copper.

Why is Roof Waterproofing Important?

There are numerous reasons why roof waterproofing is essential. You can significantly reduce damage to the roof structure by installing an ideal waterproofing layer on your roof. Mold formation and continuous dampness are aspects that may result in your roof collapsing, and waterproofing prevents them.

Roof waterproofing ensures that no stains are formed on your ceiling or walls and also prevents mossy and moldy exterior walls. These stains result from water damage, and although they are not hazardous, they compromise your house’s appeal. Professionals like the IKO roofing team are dedicated to ensuring your waterproof layer meets your needs and guarantees satisfaction.

Every house owner should understand the importance of including a waterproof layer on their roofs. It protects your home and roof from adverse weather conditions while ensuring no water penetrates. This article features critical information regarding roof waterproofing, and it should motivate you to waterproof your home if not yet.