Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at How Important Interior Paint Is to The Bedroom


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, when you’re planning to build a new home or remodel one, selecting the colors for the rooms is a daunting decision. In many cases, paint color can break or make a living space. Let’s dive deeper and check out how important interior paint is to bedrooms.

The Details

1. The right color leaves the right impression – The right choice of paint colors for the bedrooms and the living room creates a flow. With the right colors, it can feel like a smooth transition and appear almost seamless. If you go the safe route of painting the entire home white on the inside, it will look very bland, boring, and rigid. You’ll need to compensate by adding colors and textures to the bed and furniture pieces.

You’ll use wall decorations, add decorative trims, and go through more such hassles. On the other hand, choosing the right color and texture for the bedrooms can breathe life into a space and does half the work. Colors also affect your mood. For instance, if it’s a child’s bedroom, it needs to be playful and as colorful as possible. On the other hand, for your own bedroom, you should choose softer tones to make it a calming and relaxing refuge.

2. Painting is an investment – Painting a room is an expense. Even if you’re able to cut down on paint costs by sourcing discounted paints, you can’t skip the labor and time you’ll need to put in. If it’s a complicated color palette with custom textures, you’ll be spending a lot of time. According to the National Home Builder Association, painting an average bedroom of 430 square feet takes around 4 to 6 hours.

Let’s assume that you earn around $50 each hour. That means the time you spent painting the room, you could have earned around $300 or more. If you don’t select the right colors for the rooms and aren’t happy with the result, it’s going to be a very taxing and expensive affair to redo it all over.

3. There’s more to color – A color can look very different in different shapes and different lighting. For instance, depending on the use of fluorescent, incandescent, or natural light in the room, the paint can look very different. That’s why it’s important to select a color that looks good at all times of the day. You also need to select the tone carefully since some colors have a naturally warm or cold base. Getting the perfect hue can be difficult if you don’t factor in the saturation of the color after it dries, and the intensity of the paint used.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you do your own research and take your time selecting the colors for your bedroom. It’s a big decision and you can’t be hasty about it. Make sure to test out the colors you choose on a small section of the wall or use AR apps to figure out how the room would look with the new paint.