Plantation Shutters Offer Many Benefits, but what are they?

When people think about shutters, they often think of the name “Plantation.” This is not to say that plantation shutters are the only type of shutters that people buy. Who is responsible? Classics always stand the test of time. How do they work?

Shutters on plantation shutters have levers to move the louvers, which allow the shutters to be opened or closed. The louvers of these shutters can be as wide as five and a half inches, compared with traditional shutters that usually measure one inch to one and a quarter inches. So you can control the view and the amount of light which comes in through the window.

Louvers on plantation shutters are available in two different designs, flat and elliptical. There is a rounded shape to the elliptical louvers and they taper inwards. The flat louver has less strength in handling, so that gives it more strength. Hence, if you will be opening and closing your shutters often, you should choose an elliptical. There are a lot of manufacturers that make elliptical trainers. Dust collects less on them and they are more pleasing to the eye.

Many designers believe that the contemporary feel provided by this style of shutter is more desirable. Large windows are common in modern homes, as well as larger rooms and open floor plans. You may have trouble draping them. Some will even require custom draperies, and that can get expensive. Furthermore, drapes hide window architecture. A shutter does not move.

Your home can be more valuable with plantation shutters. Some people are not going to like the drapery pattern or style you choose. There is no single style that applies to everyone. The hottest drapes today may be last year’s trends in a few years, just like what is hot today. In addition, draperies fade with time. Styles like this are classics. They are durable and last a long time. Whether you wish to enhance your living room with a comfortable den or an upscale theater room, your office or your bedroom, shutters will blend into any room.

You should consider buying the largest louver possible when considering Plantation shutters. Since large louvers require fewer panels, they need to be larger. The more light and visibility are available, the better. There are many large windows that can accept louvers up to 5 1/2 inches wide without looking out of proportion to the room.

There are no opaque shutters. Each shutter is semi-opaque. Therefore, when closed, the majority of light is blocked- and therefore the room is darkened. Shutters offer the same flexibility as blinds in terms of how much light enters the room. Your carpets and furniture will not fade as quickly because of this. In addition, the energy bills can be reduced. Their durability is superior to that of blinds. It is not necessary to worry about cords if you have pets or small children. That’s an important feature.

The louvers in plantation shutters are half an inch narrower than the louvers themselves, so be aware of that when measuring. Those with a center spacing of two inches have a 2 1/2 inch louver; those with a center spacing of three inches have a three inch louver.

In addition to providing privacy, plantation shutters offer a sense of ambience. Consider the classic, easy-to-maintain look of Plantation shutters when dressing your windows.