Pool automation – A comprehensive guide

 Considering that fibreglass pools are the pools of the moment, if you plan to install one, you should know about aspects of pools. An important aspect of installing fibreglass pools is the automation of fibreglass pools. Before you run off and think you are not tech-savvy enough to understand pool automation, think again. The perks of pool automation are varied, and if you have a fibreglass pool of the highest standard, automation is necessary. Pool automation is a must as it gives you the convenience of pool operation at a simple button’s touch. Furthermore, you can operate your pool’s functions even when you are not in your pool’s vicinity.

Nowadays, we live in a digital age in which everything we do is governed by a smartphone or any other smart device. Why shouldn’t home swimming pools leverage technology to make an owner’s life easy and convenient? You may already have a smart home, and with pool automation, you can manage and control everything from the pool’s pump functions (speed, for instance) to switching on the control of the spa while you are absent. You can even get Alexa from Amazon to help you operate your fibreglass pool seamlessly.

Pool automation – How does it work?

Fibreglass pools in Melbourne require some investment on the part of owners. Additionally, depending on the pool you buy, it may be pricey. When you invest in such a commodity, you would want to maintain it in the best possible way. While pool automation gives you the advantage of every pool operation at a click or a touch, you should know that any wiring powering the pool’s systems must be connected to some kind of switch. This can then be controlled by you. You do not have to be a proficient electrician to understand the nitty-gritty of how this works.

The first thing to note is that home pool maintenance is much easier with pool automation ready. Once you have that clearly in your head, the next thing to ensure is that you have a working and well-run internet connection. Your internet connection should be one that is reliable. Preferably, your internet connection should be capable of uploading and downloading information at speeds of 3 Mbps or more, wherever the pad of your fibreglass pool is placed. You can conveniently evaluate your internet connection strength with speed testers available online.

Smart control for fibreglass pools

The most advanced generation of control mechanisms are smart and link wirelessly to the network in your home. You could also get yourself an ethernet system that is wired. The core of the automation system in any fibreglass pool is a hub that manages all control of systems in your pool. The control centre is linked to the heater, the pump, and other smart systems of relay that manage your pool’s other devices. This could handle the control of pool lighting and pump boosters. Having a control pad with a touchscreen is essential for operating all the pool’s varied functions from one spot.

Smart systems that make managing and running your pool’s mechanisms easily also include valve control actuators. These let you easily switch your controls from spa to pool and vice versa by tapping an app. In terms of home swimming pools and their automation, new products make it simple to add technology to the pool and the existing equipment. All you need is some electrical wiring and a fundamental software connection. Additionally, all the most recent generations of automatic systems can be set up with an existing pool in a matter of a few hours. Make sure you hire a professional to set up your pool’s automation mechanism as experts know their fibreglass pools well, and the most recent technology to match.

The need for automation

Whenever something calls for some expense, especially considering pool automation, you may be wondering whether you really require it. For one thing, fibreglass pools are not run-of-the-mill pools. They are the best pools you can install today and come with superior quality standards. If you want to maintain them in a seamless way, and increase their lifespan, technology can be an easy and efficient solution. Besides simply letting you handle an array of functions by adjusting and scheduling a few settings on a smartphone, automation gives you much more.

The possibilities if you have pool automation are limitless these days. Home swimming pools come with a range of functions and possibilities themselves. If you want convenience and smooth functioning in this busy age, you need pool automation. What if, say, you want your pool heated up before you return home from work? You may want to soak yourself in the warmth as you reach home. You can do this with pool automation. If you want a spa experience at your fingertips, you may have installed an attached hot tub with mood lighting. Your lighting can also be controlled from far away.

Think of the possibilities

When you go in for new equipment to make your pool life even better than it was, you can consider some things that automation aids you with. For instance, in terms of the maintenance of fibreglass pools, the last thing on your mind should be dirt and algae in your pool. This may pose a special challenge when you are away on vacation or have not used the pool for a while. The cleanliness of your pool is an optimal consideration when you own a pool of the fibreglass variety. With pool automation facilities, you can have your pool cleaner working for you in no time. Alternatively, pool automation allows you to pre-schedule cleaning slots, so your pool is spic and span consistently.


Apart from owning a spotless pool, automation can be useful in other ways too. For example, you can get the pump of your pool to work at low speeds on a regular basis, especially at times that are not peak hours. These are the times when your power bills may be cut down significantly, and your costs too. Some automation works with touch, and nowadays, with verbal commands tied into Google Home and Alexa. It’s about time you got your pool automation up and running!