Septic Tank Pumping: How to Reduce Your Average Cost


Depending on the size of the household and the average size of the septic tank, you should ideally have your septic pumping system pumped out once in a while. However, some jurisdictions require septic pumping service all year round. In such instances, it is best to find a professional septic tank cleaning service provider who can provide timely septic tank pumping services whenever you need them. The ideal time for you to have a septic tank pumping service performed is between the four and eight-week period following the initial installation of the septic tank. A professional septic tank cleaning service provider can also perform septic tank pumping during other periodic intervals as indicated in your septic tank manufacturer’s guide.

What to Expect From Your Sewer Cleaning Professional When you hire an experienced septic tank pumping and maintenance provider, you will be assured of getting quality maintenance services performed. It is not uncommon for homeowners to hire contractors or companies to maintain their drainage system, but neglect the regular maintenance procedures recommended by septic tank manufacturers and suppliers. Most manufacturers recommend septic tank maintenance including both annual scheduled maintenance as well as self-service procedures to ensure that your drains are free of debris and sludge. During the maintenance period, you will need to schedule a septic tank pumping service to ensure that the drainage system is functioning at its peak capacity. Professional sewage cleaners ensure that your drainage system undergoes scheduled maintenance to ensure the longevity of the drain field.

How to Pump the Sump Pump In addition to ensuring proper septic tank maintenance, homeowners should also perform regular septic tank pumping to ensure that there are no blockages in their tanks. This can be accomplished by regularly flushing the tanks with wastewater. Experts recommend that homeowners set up a flushing schedule that depends on how often the household uses the tank, how big it is and how many people live in the property. For example, if the household uses the tank regularly, there may be no need for scheduled flushes. However, if the tank is only used a few times per year, then homeowners may consider scheduling a weekly flush.

How to Pump the Sewer While most homeowners aren’t aware of it, septic tank pumping is actually more complicated than simply draining garbage out of the tank. Aside from simply pumping out wastewater, the septic pump is responsible for pumping out excessive amounts of sludge as well. This excessive amount of sludge, also known as solid matter, can pose a health risk to anyone who ingests it. To prevent this problem, it is important to regularly pump out all the sludge pumped from the septic pipes.

Weekly inspections are recommended by industry experts to make sure that homeowners are doing a good job in cleaning out their systems. Of course, not everyone is diligent enough when it comes to making sure that they properly inspect their systems on a monthly basis. In order to ensure that you properly inspect your septic tank pumping station on a scheduled basis, you need to hire a professional septic tank pumping company. Hiring professional septic tank pumping companies will allow you to get an inspection done by someone who is qualified and trained to do so. These professionals know the signals that indicate something is wrong with your systems, such as large amounts of sludge being pumped into the system or a slow rate of emptying. Having a professional inspect your system every two weeks will ensure that it is functioning correctly so that it can continue to provide clean, fresh water for your family each day.

Monthly inspections should be conducted in order to determine if there are any problems with the drainage field. Many homeowners do not realize that problems with drainage fields can result in sewage back-ups. On top of that, the average cost of pumping sewage back-up is expensive. In addition to the actual cost of pumping the sewage back-up, the average cost of treating the sewage after it is pumped is also costly. By hiring septic tank pumping companies, homeowners can avoid paying these high costs.

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