Simple Tips To Transform Your Bedroom On A Budget


We all deserve to feel completely relaxed and comfortable in our bedroom, so if you want to make a few changes without spending a lot of money, we’re here to help you! These changes can make such a difference to your space, so you can unwind and fully relax at all times. So, let’s find out how to transform your bedroom!

Paint Your Walls

The first thing you can do to transform you bedroom is to paint your walls! This is such an affordable way to make a dramatic change in your room. You don’t need to go to the most expensive paint shops, as your cheaper homewear stores will have great quality paint without the price tag.

You could go bold with a bright colour all over if you’d like, or for something more subtle, go with a light colour all over. Something like an off-white or cream is great, especially in smaller rooms, as it helps to create a light and airy feel. You could go for one main feature wall and the rest in off-white for a great compromise.

Update Your Soft Furnishings

Our next tip is to update your soft furnishings in your bedroom! There are so many places offering affordable duvet cover sets, and they can make your room look completely different. You can then add some new throw pillows (just buy new covers rather than whole new cushions), a rug and some blankets and the room will instantly feel so nice and cosy. If you have gone for a more simple colour on the wall, then this is your chance to add some colour and texture to the space! If you really struggle to relax, invest in a weighted blanket to add to the look of the room and also to help you feel more settled.

Declutter Your Room

This tip will cost you absolutely nothing and can make a great difference. Decluttering your bedroom is great for your wellbeing, as it helps you to think clearly and just fully relax in the space. So, if there is any clutter around the room, place it all in a pile on your bed. Then, anything that you can find a home for that is more hidden away like in a cupboard or wardrobe, you should put away. You could invest in a few baskets for things like toiletries or jewellery to keep everything looking nice and neat.

With less things to try and avoid in your room, life will be much more relaxed for you!

Get Some Plants

Our last tip to help you transform your room is to get some plants! Not only do they add a really nice pop of colour to any room, but they have been proven to boost your mood, reduce stress and also help to clarify the air. If you’re new to looking after house plants, choose easy to care for ones like spider plants, chinese money plants or succulents! Water them once every 1-2 weeks in the summer and once every 2-3 weeks in the winter and allow them to get plenty of indirect sunlight.

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