Having good lockable doors is the single most important thing we can do to keep our property and homes secure in these times. Insecurity is very high in some countries, which is why we must keep our valuables secure.

Installing an alarm system and locking your front door are by far the most immediate steps you can take to prevent unwanted intrusions with the facilities of apartment lock replacement service.

But often, one forgets that a lock is the key element for security: if it easily picks, it is inoperative and must be replaced; if it is out-of-date, it is an easy target for theft.

Alternatively, if you have been robbed, the prompt replacement of the lock is of fundamental importance. For example, you can rely on a company that finds the best locksmiths in Bilbao to handle this unpleasant situation.

How did this situation come about? What are the reasons for it?

We are experiencing a serious economic crisis of unprecedented scope and duration.

Crimes committed by thieves almost always go unpunished (98 percent of them go unpunished). There has been a drastic cut in personnel and resources (gas is often short in flyers or gazelles) that has affected the police, making it impossible to adequately protect the population.

An example of a clearly protected legislation, which in actuality encourages criminals to commit their misdeeds in Italy.

The lock needs to be changed. Among the locks, which one is the safest?

We have provided a guide to help you choose the best type of lock, with assistance from a skilled window maker or locksmith.

The “right” lock

Not all locks are secure and not all locks are alike.

In some cases, the techniques used are too simple to overcome; in others, while they were once quite effective, are now considered obsolete. However, some are more modern and somewhat safer than others.

Traditionally used locks

A lock with a traditional toothed key is the least secure, since such a key is easy to duplicate, and this type of lock is easiest to pick from the outside.

You should know that if you have a lockable door that uses a standard double-bit key (the key which, to be clear, represents the first version of keys for armored doors), it is now out of date, because it is too “familiar”. Alternatively, if you have a European cylinder lock with a perforated key, but not a security key, know that it represents the evolution of the double-bit key and is, therefore, no longer considered secure.

Changing your lock, therefore, is your only option for increasing the security of your home in these three scenarios.

Using security locks

A digital lock is an electronic lock.

With the highest level of security currently available, there is a very small chance of intrusion. Since keys are completely absent and the opening method can be customized entirely, it is practically impossible to pick. A digital lock may incorporate an electronic biometric recognition cylinder, in which a thermal scanner reads the fingerprint of the user. This system does not use keys and ensures a nearly perfect anti-intrusion system.

The technology of this type of lock has always been developing, and some of them have an automatic locking mechanism by removing the cylinder at the moment of closing, while there are others that can be opened only with a smartphone, through an app since they don’t even require an internet connection.

Final notes and some tips

In light of these reasons, it is strongly recommended that you replace an insufficiently secure lock on your home – there are alternatives that can be customized to your specific needs.

2. Is your home protected from intruders?

Because the famous passive protections (locks, safes, burglar alarms, etc.) of the last generations are considerably more valuable and reliable than the older ones, “sufficiently protected access” inevitably changes.

There haven’t been enough changes in lifestyle, habits, and lightness, in other words, personal behaviors that must be more careful, scrupulous, and careful.

Attackers study and exploit our habits, what we say (and must cease to say) when we’re light enough. We often associate these crimes with situations in our homes where our values are concentrated.

To put it simply, we are required to exert a much greater degree of caution, prudential behavior, and attention to extraordinary events and facts that may interest thieves.